José García, Antigüeño of 31 years, married, professional, with studies in the United States, solid and consistent experience in the executive and administrative area with specialization in hospitality and customer service and rents advisor Nova Antigua.

Demonstrated leadership skills and teamwork, accustomed to working in situations that demand effort and pressure, oriented to work by objectives and trained to face situations of challenge and improvement.

Even though his experience in real estate, specializing in short and long term rentals is relatively short, he is fully qualified to perform all the functions of the position, understand the needs of the client and support him to get the property he really needs.

His training, character and work experience have served to achieve general personal goals and those of the company. Its main objective is self-improvement, providing quality service, dedicating itself to its clients and acquiring more experience to become an expert real estate broker.

"It's possible that the lessons you do not like or that seem irrelevant and silly, but there are no mistakes, only lessons."