Rolando León, Founding Director of Nova Antigua, a veteran expert with 23 years of real estate experience in Antigua Guatemala and a pioneer in professional brokerage in this city.

Rolando, Guatemalan, 43 years old, businessman, Business Administrator, married for more than 22 years, father of 2 children and grandfather of 2 grandchildren, has extensive experience in all facets of real estate including short and long rentals, property administration, purchase and sales, housing developments, appraisals, construction, bank financing and real estate legal assistance.

Rolando is an extremely dedicated, professional, knowledgeable expert of local laws and regulations that affect real estate and is committed to the improvement and preservation of the colonial city, reason why he is a founding member of the Antigua Guatemala Real Estate Chamber and has been an advocate of regulations and adviser for The Municipality of La Antigua Guatemala and The Council for the Protection of La Antigua Guatemala.  

His devotion, unparalleled customer service, determination and trust have resulted in an ongoing network of satisfied customers, referrals and loyal friends who have lasted for more than 20 years. His passion for educating local and foreign clients or owners, in all real estate processes, has given him the great commitment to guide them ethically and honestly.

"My main intention is to understand the needs of my clients, guide them throughout the process, give them peace of mind and certainty in their investment and build relationships that will last over the course of time."