Our services

Nova Antigua Real Estate has the largest database of rental properties in Antigua Guatemala and nearby areas. The company has created an independent department to satisfy your rental needs. Whether you are only renting for a few nights or you are considering moving to Antigua on a permanent basis, bilingual rental agents are professionally trained to provide the service you deserve.

Nova Antigua Real Estate has the most professional sales team, representing and presenting new and pre-owned residential and commercial properties for sale. The main objective is to listen to the client´s needs and not what´s in inventory to determine the best property for you.

Nova Antigua Real Estate works directly with competent and reliable architects and builders to provide competitive price quotations for building or renovations. The company also provides site supervision, cost control, material ordering and labor payments, if required.

Nova Antigua Real Estate deals with the management and administration of both rental and seasonal properties by providing the following services: collection of rental deposits, rental payments, payments regarding maintenance of the home, gardening, cleaning, deposit or transfer funds to client’s accounts, check inventory on rental properties on move in and check out. This assures the home owners that everything is handled with care, and eliminates worry and concerns that things are looked after in their absence.

As all real estate transactions require either rental contracts or purchase agreements, Nova Antigua Real Estate has a list of recommended licensed independent legal representatives (Lawyers) who can provide competent advice and direction in completing all types of contracts.

Nova Antigua Real Estate is in direct Internet contact with the Guatemalan Central Property Registry. All title claims can be verified within minutes to assure that all properties we represent have been fully disclosed for mortgages, liens, encumbrances, ownership and any other possibilities that may represent potential concerns for our purchasers.

Nova Antigua Real Estate employs competent, licensed engineers to do topographical surveys, land stability reports, or potential problems related to archeological sites that may arise during construction.

For investment clients, Nova Antigua Real Estate offers land and location analysis, market potential, market survey reports, design input based on potential customer requirements, Municipal licensing assistance, and pre sales assistance, as well as full time on site sales representation during all phases of construction and project completion.

The properties that Nova Antigua Real Estate represents have been appraised objectively based on experience, current market conditions, and comparative sales in order to provide the best value for your money.