Bernal Sanchinelli, Rental Agent at Nova Antigua, is father of 2 children and has more than 5 years of experience in the real estate industry of Antigua Guatemala.  During this time he has completed numerous residential and commercial rental transactions, with both national and international clients.

His personalized service and knowledge of various properties allow him to advise clients and to choose the best options according to their rental needs.

During this time he has gained extensive experience in rental contracts, municipal permits, real estate processes, local regulations and comparative analysis, specializing in rental properties.

Bernal is currently in training to specialize in the brokerage of purchasing and selling of real estate in order to expand his knowledge.

"I am passionate about my job because of the diversity of clients I meet in the process and because every business that is accomplished is an achieved goal. Due to each client´s needs and the level of difficulty of every negotiation, it´s satisfying to find exactly what they are looking for. "