About us

There is no place else on earth quite like Antigua Guatemala, and living here or better yet, owning a piece of this paradise is one of the great privileges of life. We love Antigua, declared by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage Site of Humanity in 1979 and surrounded by majestic volcanoes where time stopped preserving magnificent colonial constructions of the XVI Century and romantic cobblestone streets inviting to visit the impressive churches and monuments with colorful bougainvilleas, house facades with old doors, handmade textiles and wonderful people that bring life to this marvelous colonial city.  Once you get to know the peacefulness and tranquility of our beloved Antigua, we are convinced that you will love it too and want to plant roots of your own.

Where to buy?  What is the right value of a property?  What areas should I avoid? What is the purchase process?  We can help you answer these and many other questions thanks to our 23 years of real estate experience in Antigua Guatemala. We love real estate and that´s why we can offer you The Best Service and The Best ResultsWe have the experience and local know-how to help you make the best possible decisions. For more than two decades, we have specialized in the Antigua Guatemala real estate market  and we have become expert connoisseurs and negotiators so you will have real professionals working for you.

Did you know? Due to its historical nature, culture, religious fervor, climate, its people and location, Antigua Guatemala is a destination city for tourism and retirement. Its international exposure as a World Heritage Site and main tourist attraction in Guatemala, places it as one of the most desired cities. Antigua Guatemala is regulated by the Council for the Protection of Antigua Guatemala, which ensures the orderly growth and preservation of its constructions, which in turn guarantee high demand, continuous surplus value, security and an excellent real estate investment; For these and several other reasons, Antigua Guatemala is the best place of investment in the whole country.

Who is Nova Antigua?  A real estate company with operations in the city of Antigua Guatemala for 23 years. Its directors, Rolando León and Yessy Carlos de León, who have been living in Antigua Guatemala for more than 20 years, have been real estate agents since its beginning, becoming knowledgeable about the city, its surroundings, property types, regulations and needs of the real estate market. In their years of work, the Leons have been an important part of the development of the property market in the colonial city, being founding members of the Antigua Guatemala Real Estate Chamber, and serving many municipal administrations as advisers. Formerly known as Casa Nova Real Estate, and after the division of the capitalist partners, Nova Antigua is now a benchmark in the real estate market of Antigua Guatemala.

NAME SIGNIFICANCE: Derived from its first name (Casa Nova), Nova Antigua presents itself as a reference that combines the knowledge of the art of living in the colonial, historical and ancient city with the modernity of new constructions and trends of life in Antigua Guatemala. Nova Antigua is the perfect balance of the new and the old, the modern and the historical, the trends and the culture.

EXPERIENCE: More than two decades and constant work in the real estate market, has provided Nova Antigua and its directors with full knowledge of all the details involved in renting, buying or selling properties in Antigua Guatemala. The directors, who were themselves migrants in the colonial city more than 20 years ago, are aware of the need for certainty in the processes and have been able to gather all the essential information for all types of transactions: quality of properties, trends in prices and surplus value, municipal permits, regulations, banking and financial procedures, which they handle first hand and allows them to give a complete advice on the subject.

SERVICE:  Direct contact with clients has allowed Nova Antigua to know the needs of the real estate market, trends, benefits and limitations involved in living in Antigua Guatemala and its surroundings. Practicing values ​​such as honesty, empathy and service, has allowed the relationships that were initially business, become friendly relations. The cordiality of human treatment and the contribution they make as a marriage to the decision process, makes a tangible difference in advising, negotiating and accompanying their clients and owners. The large number of properties that Nova Antigua handles, also contributes to the excellent service they provide, offering more and better options to their clients, to satisfy all their needs.