1. Is there a fee that I need to pay Nova Antigua to help me find a home?

 No. Our service is cost-free to the tenant and the homeowner pays our commission.

2. What is a short and a long term rental period?

A short term rental period is a minimum of 1 night and a maximum of 1 month.  This type of rent can be extended on a monthly basis.  A long term rental period is 6 months or more.


Teresa Interiano, Sales Agent of Nova Antigua, Guatemalan, Accountant with Specialty in Accounting Sciences of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. Teresa, married and mother of 3 children, has lived most of her life in La Antigua Guatemala, so she has extensive local knowledge.


Mónica Luna started her real estate career in 2007, when the company was still known as Casa Nova, as a Receptionist, for approximately 5 years which allowed great interaction with clients and owners, who have become great business relations and friendship.


Erick Méndez, the most recent Rental Agent for Nova Antigua, is a 32-year-old Guatemalan with Systems Engineering studies and a person who is centered and focused on short and long term goals. He lived his last 4 years in Europe, specifically in Madrid, where he gained a great life experience and empathy by intimately knowing the process of adapting in a foreign country.


Bernal Sanchinelli, Rental Agent at Nova Antigua, is father of 2 children and has more than 5 years of experience in the real estate industry of Antigua Guatemala.  During this time he has completed numerous residential and commercial rental transactions, with both national and international clients.

His personalized service and knowledge of various properties allow him to advise clients and to choose the best options according to their rental needs.


Rolando León, Founding Director of Nova Antigua, a veteran expert with 23 years of real estate experience in Antigua Guatemala and a pioneer in professional brokerage in this city.


Yessy Carlos de León is Founding Director of Nova Antigua and has more than 23 years of experience in real estate with specialization in brokerage in La Antigua Guatemala and in all real estate areas.

About us

There is no place else on earth quite like Antigua Guatemala, and living here or better yet, owning a piece of this paradise is one of the great privileges of life.

Our services

Nova Antigua Real Estate has the largest database of rental properties in Antigua Guatemala and nearby areas. The company has created an independent department to satisfy your rental needs. Whether you are only renting for a few nights or you are considering moving to Antigua on a permanent basis, bilingual rental agents are professionally trained to provide the service you deserve.